Annie “Bones” Sheeler has been immersed in astrology for 30 years. A native of Pennsylvania, she moved to the West Coast in 1984 and to Victoria B.C. in 1991. A multi-faceted initiate and participant in the Western Mystery Tradition, Annie is at home in a wide variety of magical environments.

From 1991-2001 Annie was co-owner of Avalon Metaphysical Center Ltd., a new-age book-store in Victoria B.C. In 1995 she started writing the monthly guide “Astrology Aspects and Meditations”, which grew over the years into the Celestial Forecaster, now in its eighth year as an annual publication.

In addition to astrology, Annie also teaches tarot and metaphysics. She is an ordained Gnostic Priestess, and regularly celebrates Mass in her community.

Celestial Forecaster Daily Astrology Guide
Daily astrology guide for 2005