Current Astrological Forecast

Selqet as Scorpio

Drawing courtesy of Linda Macfarlane


Key Phrase: "I DESIRE"
Fixed Water Sign
Symbol: The Scorpion
October 23rd through November 22nd

November 6th Monday
Moon in Taurus goes v/c 2:19 am pst 5:19 am est
Moon enters Gemini 8:47 am pst 11:47 am est
Venus square Neptune 4:24 pm pst 7:24 pm est

Mood Watch: At 2:19a pst (5:19a est) Moon opposite Jupiter brings dreams of overflowing wealth and expansion. The post-full Taurus Moon also goes void-of-course at this point, and morning risers may be prone to bouts of possessiveness, stubbornness, and forgetfulness. When the Moon enters Gemini this morning, a mindful and detail-oriented quality of interaction takes over. Sorting through details includes sorting through all the emotional stuff that has come up recently with the Full Moon. We may feel inspired to stay connected with others and to communicate, despite the current disruption of Mercury retrograde. Thoughts and feelings may be mulled over and reviewed together, but this is not necessarily the time to act on them or to come to any conclusions.

Venus square Neptune (occurring November 1 – 9) Faith and belief in spiritual matters may be tested. Meditation on spiritual matters or activities may be difficult. Art with a spiritual approach may appear more phony than ethereal. Feminine expression may be set back by antiquated beliefs. Love matters may be rocky due to a conflict of beliefs. Venus is in Scorpio, which intensifies the art of attraction, while Neptune is in Aquarius, formulating a new spiritual outlook for humankind. Venus influences beauty, attraction, and magnetism. Neptune is the higher spiritual vibration of the feminine spirit, the higher octave of Venus herself – the imperfect yet alluring mortal versus the perfect and irresistible goddess. When these two planets are in conflict, it is a time when women are being sent mixed messages about how to live up to a higher standard of the self. The influences of this aspect are not as harsh for those who understand that true attraction and beauty are found in the core of feminine wisdom, and that magnetic attraction goes beyond temporal beauty. This aspect last occurred on June 15, when Venus was in Taurus.

November 7th Tuesday
Election Day, USA
Moon in Gemini
Mercury conjunct Venus 8:52 am pst 11:52 am est
Venus square Saturn begins (see November 12)

Mood Watch: At 2:55a pst (5:55a est) Moon square Uranus brings harsh disruptions to our dreams and early waking moods. Today’s Gemini Moon keeps us fussing over the details of life. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini; it is currently retrograde (since October 28) and this may cause many folks to be in a perpetual state of correcting, reiterating, and modifying. Gemini Moon brings determined efforts to think through matters and find logical answers to unsolved puzzles. This afternoon, at 1:23p pst (4:23p est) Moon trine Neptune brings heavenly delights, unworldly beauties, and spiritually uplifting moods and perspectives - if you let it.

Mercury conjunct Venus (occurring November 4 – 8) Today’s conjunction of Mercury and Venus takes place in the sign of Scorpio, bringing passionate expressions of love. Words of love or adoration uttered at this time may come across as being fairly intense, as this is indeed the nature of Scorpio. Mercury conjunct Venus is generally considered an excellent aspect to discuss and communicate love matters and, while they are conjunct in Scorpio, love secrets and confidences are more readily communicated. Be sure to let those you truly love know it. The most simple and direct way to express love might be the best though, as Mercury is retrograde and you will want to ensure that the message of love is clearly delivered. This aspect last occurred on January 17 when Mercury and Venus were conjunct in Capricorn.

November 8th Wednesday
Mercury square Neptune 12:25 am pst 3:25 am est
Moon in Gemini goes v/c 3:17 am pst 6:17 am est
Mars trine Uranus 8:24 am pst 11:24 am est
Moon enters Cancer 11:47 am pst 2:47 pm est
Sun conjunct Mercury 1:32 pm pst 4:32 pm est
Mercury conjunct Mars begins (see November 11)
Mercury trine Uranus begins (see November 13)
Mars square Neptune begins (see November 17)

Mood Watch: At 1:57a pst (4:57a est) Moon sextile Saturn brings the opportunity to work through our various states of consciousness with purposeful intent. At 3:17a pst (6:17a est) Moon opposite Pluto brings intensity to our dreams accompanied by some strong emotional purging. At this point, the Moon also goes void-of-course in Gemini; our waking moods will be scattered, and people may seem overly preoccupied with their own thoughts. By afternoon, when the Moon enters Cancer, we will have a more genuine understanding of what is taking place with our emotions. What we have spent time thinking about during the Gemini Moon cycle, we now solidify emotionally in Mother Moon’s natural place. Waning Cancer Moon is a time of purging and moving through emotional concerns which have piled up in our lives. This is a good time to reassure ourselves and to nurture ourselves with loving motherly care.

Mercury square Neptune (occurring November 2 – 10) While Mercury is retrograde (since October 28,) talk and discussions in matters relating to escapism, spiritual beliefs, and the arts are likely to be especially difficult. How can one talk about the ineffable? Mercury square Neptune is now occurring for the third time this year. For a recap of the story on Mercury square Neptune, see October 15.

Mars trine Uranus (occurring October 30 – November 12) Mars in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces is bound to bring intense activities with regard to sensitive emotional matters, and there will be radical tendencies seen in the arts and in religious practices. It is through this aspect that dramatic breakthroughs may occur. Be careful what you stand for or you’ll fall for anything in this atmosphere of active yet favorable destruction. This aspect is an excellent influence for the warrior spirit, for men to work on their masculine energies and strengths, and to undergo male bonding rituals. This is a good time to tackle the breakdown of unwanted barriers that stifle the human spirit. Mars trine Uranus is bound to create fire somewhere and the heat often can be worked to our advantage. In the triumph mode, Mars trine Uranus creates fireworks of celebration and there is a certain sense of truly feeling alive. This aspect last occurred on May 7, when Mars was in Cancer.

Sun conjunct Mercury (occurring November 5 – 9) This is a very common aspect, which will create a much more thoughtful, communicative, and expressive year ahead for those Scorpio born people celebrating birthdays November 5 – 9. This is your time (Birthday Scorpios) to record ideas, relay important messages, and pay close attention to your imaginative thoughts as they are touched by Mercury, creating the urge to speak and be heard. Your thoughts will reveal a great deal about who you are, now and in the year to come.

November 9th Thursday
Moon in Cancer
Sun square Neptune 7:00 am pst 10:00 am est
Venus conjunct Jupiter begins (see November 15)

Mood Watch: Rich intuitive feelings run their course as the Cancer Moon wanes through the darkening days of Scorpio. At 7:00a pst (10:00a est) Moon trine Uranus brings excitement, and the day starts off with a bang. At 8:23a pst (11:23a est) Moon trine Mars activates our moods to generate energy, to take initiative, and to make things happen. At 2:36p pst (5:36p est) Moon trine Mercury is a good time to set the facts straight, as our moods are better prepared to relay information and correct misinformation recently generated during Mercury retrograde. While the Sun is in Scorpio, waning Cancer Moon is the best time to recuperate, to get out of the wet and cold for awhile, and to enjoy domestic leisure and arts. This is the time to make the home a more revitalizing haven in which to cure some ills. Cancer Moon reminds us to nurture ourselves. At 7:24p pst (10:24p est) Moon trine Sun radiates harmony, and this is the fourth lunar trine of the day, bringing an overall sense of satisfaction.

Sun square Neptune (occurring November 3 – 12) This occurrence of Sun square Neptune especially affects Scorpio people who are celebrating birthdays November 3 – 12. Neptune in the square position to these birthday folks’ natal Sun brings a sense that there are obstacles getting in the way of Spirit or the acknowledgement of spiritual beliefs. The challenge for these Scorpio birthday folks is to overcome the interfering doubts and confrontations. This especially applies to overcoming those extremely dangerous and destructive addictive tendencies. Remember, Scorpio, spiritual lessons do not have to be life threatening! Over the next year, there will undoubtedly be some spiritual adjustments, and perhaps a change of belief is required. This aspect last occurred on May 10, affecting the Taurus birthday people.

November 10th Friday
Veteran’s Day (Federally Observed Today, Traditionally Observed Nov. 11th) USA
Moon in Cancer goes v/c 1:00 pm pst 4:00 pm est
Moon enters Leo 6:35 pm pst 9:35 pm est
Sun square Saturn begins (see November 16)

Mood Watch: All through yesterday, the Moon sang sweetly as it sailed its way through four favorable trine aspects to the masculine planets, Uranus, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun. At 2:19a pst (5:19a est) Moon trine Venus marks the fifth favorable lunar trine in a row, bringing with it, pleasant, beautiful, and feminine dreams and morning reflections. The sixth lunar trine, Moon trine Jupiter, occurs at 1:00p pst (4:00p est) when our moods will be the most generous, the most outgoing, and prosperous feelings abound. This is also the point at which the Cancer Moon goes void-of-course. Just as clouds release rain, our moods can release pent-up emotional responses. At 6:35p pst (9:35p est) the waning Moon enters Leo and we will feel the need for warmth, affection, and reassurance.

November 11th Saturday
Veteran’s Day (Traditional) USA / Remembrance Day, Canada
Moon in Leo
Mercury conjunct Mars 7:17 am pst 10:17 am est

Mood Watch: The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Leo, a time when our defenses are strong, and for some, this means that the ego is on the prowl, and ready to flex some muscle if required. This is no time to offend others by carelessly putting their ego on the line. Remember – Mercury is retrograde. Think before you speak! Leo Moon emphasizes friends, children, and family – and where these companions are not present, focus is often placed on personal development and creativity. Tonight at 6:24p pst (9:24p est) Moon square Mercury brings the potential for people to appear particularly stupid about not listening or saying the right thing. At 8:08p pst (11:08p est,) those who weren’t listening in the first place are likely to experience the rage brought on by Moon square Mars, which exacerbates people’s need to vent anger or to work on oppressed emotions. Tonight, beware of accident prone behavior and hot temperaments.
Mercury conjunct Mars (occurring November 8 – 13) Mercury is retrograde (since Oct. 28) and this aspect, repeating for a second time this year, will reoccur once again December 9. While Mercury is retrograde, communications are likely to be misunderstood, and the information that is going around may not only be inaccurate, but is also likely to cause disruption. With these two planets conjunct in Scorpio, our thoughts and speech become united with our actions in very strong and empowering ways. Heated and disturbing discussions occur. Arm yourself against hurtful or threatening statements, and beware of hypersensitive reactions - it may be best to try to defuse or avoid unnecessary conflict and volatile subjects. Mercury conjunct Mars brings out the “fightin’ words” – expect to see a larger than average number of hard blows to the jaw.

November 12th Sunday
Moon square Sun 9:46 am pst 12:46 pm est
Venus square Saturn 4:21 pm pst 7:21 pm est

Mood Watch: At 3:38a pst (6:38a est) During Moon opposite Neptune it may seem difficult to feel or create spiritual harmony or peace in our dreams. This evening, at 6:29p pst (9:29p est) Moon conjunct Saturn brings serious moods and focus on responsibilities, goals and objectives. Moon square Venus, at 6:43p pst (9:43p est) brings complications between loved ones, and dissatisfaction with things we normally value. Love related matters are indeed complicated right now, especially while Venus square Saturn is occurring (see below.) At 7:52p pst (10:52p est) Moon trine Pluto brings an excellent time to work on therapeutic practices that aid in dealing with emotional traumas.

Last Quarter Moon in Leo (Moon square Sun) At 9:46a pst (12:46p est) the Moon in Leo reaches the last quarter mark and many folks will be oriented towards personal pursuits. People may also be more inclined to deal with, or let go of, personal grudges and points of contention with others. Leo Moon reminds us to call upon the core of our strength and energy, to stand up for ourselves and to express our true individual characters and needs. When the Moon wanes in Leo, it also urges us to take special care of ourselves and the children in our lives. Personal pet projects are sometimes considered “children” as well. Leo Moon encourages us to look for inner light and inspiration, and to seek the child within.

Venus square Saturn (occurring November 7 – 15) Obstacles and restrictions bring a difficult time for love. This aspect creates blocks in the flow of care and love due to external responsibilities and restrictions that cause separation. Venus is in Scorpio, creating intense and deeply heart-felt expressions of love and, while Venus is squaring to Saturn, there may be a tendency for relationship squabbles to break out over career and work related restrictions. It may be difficult to engage in romance, as there may seem to be something always getting in the way. People are distracted from properly providing care and concern where it is most needed due to the high demands of the world at large. While this aspect is occurring, it is wisest to work a little harder at relationships. Don’t get bent out of shape over people’s need to create restrictions and limitations which, for the time being, allow these folks to protect and guard their inner harmony while the trouble behind these love related matters is being worked out. This aspect last occurred on June 4, when Venus was in Taurus.

November 13th Monday
Moon in Leo goes v/c 12:30 am pst 3:30 am est
Moon enters Virgo 5:20 am pst 8:20 am est
Mercury trine Uranus 9:27 am pst 12:27 pm est
Sun conjunct Jupiter begins (see November 21)

Mood Watch: At 12:30a pst (3:30a est) Very early morning risers may feel a bit disoriented with the Moon void-of-course in Leo, but by 5:20a pst (8:20a est) the Moon enters Virgo and, throughout the remainder of the morning, our moods will be inclined towards thoroughness and caution. Waning Virgo Moon keeps us on the straight and narrow path, and reminds us to clean up our surroundings, create a practical working environment, and to carefully review the misfit details of this Mercury retrograde time. Five planets – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, and Jupiter – are now in Scorpio, bringing a lot of dramatic changes in our lives during these darkening days of autumn. When we need it most, our waning Virgo Moon moods bring practicality, prudence, scrutiny, and resourcefulness.

Mercury trine Uranus (occurring November 8 – 25) Mercury in Scorpio dredges up important topics such as birth, sex, death, and the regenerative force realized through overcoming illness. Uranus is in Pisces, creating radical change in areas of addiction, the arts, psychology, and religion. With Mercury currently retrograde, this aspect is repeating for a second time since it entered Scorpio, and with it comes the confusion of inaccuracies, and the radical sting of propaganda. For a recap of information on this repeat aspect, Mercury trine Uranus, see October 10, when this aspect last occurred while Mercury was direct in Scorpio.

November 14th Tuesday

Moon in Virgo

Mood Watch: At 2:08a pst (5:08a est) Moon sextile Mercury brings the opportunity for us to work out some nervous energy through our sleep – just two more days until Mercury goes direct and, within a week, we will be relieved of this stressful time of misinformation. At 3:12a pst (6:12a est) Moon opposite Uranus brings unusually active dreams and waking moods. The waning Virgo Moon is an excellent time to take the oppressive chaotic energy around us and tackle it with grounded and determined efforts to create a practical and functional sanctuary – a place where clarity and precision are unscathed by distracting complications. From this place we can do just about anything in the days of Scorpio. Virgo says: “I analyze,” and our moods are affected by the need to question or to ponder our situation in life. Virgo Moon brings a strong attraction to purity and simplicity. At 11:52a pst (2:52p est) Moon sextile Mars inspires us to become active, and this is likely to be the most stimulating time of the day.

November 15th Wednesday
Venus conjunct Jupiter 12:36 pm pst 3:36 pm est
Moon in Virgo goes v/c 2:42 pm pst 5:42 pm est
Moon enters Libra 6:15 pm pst 9:15 pm est

Mood Watch: At 3:56a pst (6:56a est) Moon sextile Sun recharges our emotional batteries, while the waning Virgo Moon urges us to mind our health, and not to overtax our bodies with strong substances. At 8:48a pst (11:48a est) Moon square Pluto brings the potential for futile resistance against the inevitable. Beyond the midday dramas, at 2:31p pst (5:31p est) Moon sextile Jupiter says to relax and breathe – and to advance and prosper through synchronicity. At 2:42p pst (5:42p est) Moon sextile Venus brings pleasant – but rather lazy – afternoon and early evening moods. The Moon also goes void-of-course at this point and, for a few hours, we are subject to a number of confusing temptations or doubts. This evening, at 6:15p pst (9:15p est) the waning Moon enters Libra, placing the emphasis of our moods on the need for balance.

Venus conjunct Jupiter (occurring November 9 – 18) Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in the late degrees of Scorpio, at the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. Here, the powers of attraction (Venus) blend with the powers of prosperity and dominion (Jupiter.) The influence of Jupiter reminds us that the resources of love in the universe are inexhaustible, and love’s great bounty is designed to be shared. Love can be infectious. Scorpio/Sagittarius-related things such as sexual love, heroism, clairvoyance, fortune hunting, and travel are all highlighted as attractive exploits. Venus conjunct Jupiter represents the jackpot of love – an ever expanding and growing love that will prevail and triumph.

November 16th Thursday
Moon in Libra
Sun square Saturn 9:59 pm pst 12:59 am est (NOV. 17)

Mood Watch: There’s smooth sailing ahead and there are no significant lunar aspects occurring today. Today’s waning Moon in Libra brings an emphasis on partnership, and on harmonizing friendships and relationships. There is also a strong emphasis placed on such Libra-like things as law, justice, and the necessity to understand their presence or absence. This is a good time to focus on refinement: to correct the mistakes of the past, to empower the experience of the moment, and to work towards improving the future. Libra is the cardinal air sign that endows our thoughts and knowledge with the spirit of wisdom – in the days of Scorpio this brings a sense of renewal, or re-birth.

Sun square Saturn (occurring November 10 – 19) This occurrence of Sun square Saturn especially affects those Scorpio people who are celebrating birthdays from November 10 – November 19. These folks are undergoing personal challenges of impatience, loss of control, and poor timing. The challenge is to overcome obstacles that intrude on one’s control of discipline and accuracy. Often, false starts occur during the phase of life when Saturn squares the natal Sun. This may be a time of sacrifice, loss or compromise, and may also be a time of complexity and insecurity for these birthday folks. Saturn represents those things in life that we are willing to work for and maintain. Just because there is a challenge on the path does not mean that it is time to give up. Saturn represents our sense of discipline and our application of effort and focus, and helps us learn about our limitations and where our strengths can be realized. This is a good time for Scorpio birthday folks to conserve energies and take losses and difficulties in stride. Through the tests of this time a stronger human being emerges to take on future tests with greater confidence and ability. Running away from responsibilities or hardships now will only make life more difficult later. This aspect last occurred on April 24, when the Sun was in Taurus.

November 17th Friday
Moon in Libra
Venus enters Sagittarius 12:03 am pst 3:03 am est
Mars square Neptune 11:01 am pst 2:01 pm est
Mercury goes direct 4:26 pm pst 7:26 pm est
Moon in Libra goes v/c 9:42 pm pst 12:42 am est (NOV. 18)

Mood Watch: At 5:01a pst (8:01a est) Moon trine Neptune brings tranquil and spiritually pleasing dreams and waking moods. The waning Libra Moon impresses upon us the necessity to work together as a team, to clarify the confusion during this shifting time of Mercury, and to empower our relationships with commitment and effort. This evening, at 8:22p pst (11:22p est) Moon sextile Saturn is an excellent time to review goals, and to studiously practice timely disciplines. At 9:42p pst (12:42a Nov. 18 est) Moon sextile Pluto reminds us of how transient or impermanent life can be. The Moon also goes void-of course, a good time to rest the mind and the body.

Venus enters Sagittarius (Venus in Sagittarius: November 17 – December 10/11) Now the planet of love and the expression of affection is enhanced by the inspired character of Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius brings out a love of the arts, travel, philosophy, cultural exploration and sports achievements. With this comes an outgoing spirit of camaraderie among people in general, and the effort to take affections beyond the usual bounds is certainly present. Philosophical theories justify love matters. Venus in Sagittarius will help to boost the love life and affections of our Sagittarius friends. This is your time, Sagittarius people, to reaffirm your visions of how to enhance the beauty and the love that you are enjoying in your lives.

Mars square Neptune (occurring November 8 – 21) Mars is in Scorpio squaring to Neptune in Aquarius, creating the tendency for abrupt attacks to occur unexpectedly in quiet sanctuaries. Hate crimes and active aggression against spiritual groups and religious institutions are more likely. This aspect also brings the potential for accidents and temper tantrums, especially at spiritual gatherings. Angry outbursts are likely to affect sacred land or personal territory of high spiritual sentiment. While Mars is square to Neptune it is best to anticipate confrontations concerning moral issues or spiritual beliefs. As this aspect passes, it will be easier to put spiritual beliefs and practices back on course without much conflict or interference. This aspect last took place on January 18, when Mars was in Taurus.

Mercury goes direct (Mercury Direct: November 17, 2006 – February 13/14, 2007) Since October 28, Mercury has been retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, commonly causing emotional mix-ups and confusion in communications. Now we can breathe a greatly needed sigh of relief as Mercury, the planet governing the realms of communication, becomes stationary and will soon begin to move forward. Take note that our faculties and manner of communicating will definitely improve within the next few days, although perhaps not today. As it moves forward we can begin to clear up the various misunderstandings that have occurred over the past few weeks. For more information see July 4, and also the introduction on Mercury retrograde periods.

November 18th Saturday
Moon enters Scorpio 6:48 am pst 9:48 am est

Mood Watch: Today’s events may be laced with strong doses of emotion. A waning Scorpio Moon calls to us to let go of destructive tendencies, challenges us to cease hurting ourselves and others, and invites us to transform our lower impulses into higher aspirations. Under supportive circumstances, this is a good time to let go of the pain you’ve been concealing. Tomorrow night marks the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio and this is always a good time to apply caution and to beware of the possibility of violent outbreaks and possessive or melodramatic behavior. This is also a time to be careful not to get overworked or overstressed. Whether through purging, healing, or grieving, Sun and Moon in Scorpio is likely to bring stormy and torrential weather both to our emotions and throughout the northern hemisphere. Excitement abounds.

Saturn-trine-Pluto-Non-Exact (occurring September 1, 2006 – January 5, 2007) Today is as close as it gets to the exact aspect of Saturn trine Pluto, within just 44 minutes of a perfect trine. Saturn will go retrograde on December 5, with the result that it won’t reach the exact trine position until August 6, 2007. Even though Saturn does not reach an exact trine with Pluto this year, it remains well within its orb of influence as it hovers near the zero degree mark for an extended period of time. Is it affecting us? Yup, you bet, and this is an important aspect both because of the strength of the planets involved and because it is the positive trine aspect.
Through the trine aspect, we are being given the long awaited gifts and rewards of our hard work and persistence during the difficult trials and transformations that the Saturn opposite Pluto tests demanded. Through the events of Saturn opposite Pluto, the security guidelines we’ve created for ourselves and to which we’ve adhered as a result of recent events, have created a new foundation to sustain us.
Now that Saturn and Pluto are spending this year and next year in the trine position to each other, it is up to us to determine how we will benefit and grow stronger as a result of the recent transformation process. Through the trine aspect we will redefine our responsibilities and shift our goals and priorities to suit the rapidly changing ways of the 21st Century. The gifts and rewards that we will acquire at this time become survival tools during the next phase of humanity’s transformation. For now we can be grateful that time is agreeably on our side while restrictive Saturn is in the favorable trine position to the harsh and unrelenting forces of Pluto.

November 19th Sunday
Moon in Scorpio – New Moon Eve
Uranus goes direct 10:10 pm pst 1:10 am est (NOV. 20)
Mars square Saturn begins (see November 28)

Mood Watch: At 1:02a pst (4:02a est) Moon conjunct Mercury brings clear messages through stimulating dreams, and we begin to feel more in tune with Mercury’s direct movement. At 4:08a pst (7:08a est) Moon trine Uranus brings brilliant and vibrantly energetic dreams and waking moods. Moon in Scorpio continues to wane down through its darkest phase, bringing more of the same kind of drama we experienced yesterday. This is a time of death, re-birth, and transformation. At 4:33p pst (7:33p est) Moon square Neptune will be a particularly difficult time to find peace and tranquility, or to escape from intense moods or dramatic situations. Be vigilant and brave while the Moon is so dark in Scorpio. At 7:40p pst (10:40p est) Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio encourages aggression and masculine energy stirs deep emotions. Be especially aware of the potential for outbursts. New Moon Eve in Scorpio often brings challenging circumstances which require astute and perceptive awareness.

Uranus goes direct (Uranus direct: November 19, 2006 – June 25, 2007) Since June 19 Uranus, known for stirring up calamity, has been retrograde. Explosive and radical tendencies around the globe will now shift from personal feelings of anarchy to productive (or destructive) acts. Uranus entered Pisces on March 10, 2003. Now it moves steadily through the end of the first decant of Pisces, awakening the spiritual needs of humanity, perhaps even inspiring breakthroughs in human rights, or promoting creativity in art and music. The work of radical and revolutionary forces resumes course as Uranus moves direct until June 25, 2007. We all feel the need to break out of oppressing conditions of life. As Uranus moves forward, the volatile quality of its work demands the utmost intelligence and knowledge as each level of urgency is unveiled. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and teaches us to seek higher levels of intelligence through unusual, brilliant, and open minded measures. The next time the urge for unabashed rebellion makes you kick up your heels, remember to kindle the light of love for humankind’s wisdom. This is, after all, the Age of Aquarius. Uranus in Pisces demands that our beliefs be worthy of intelligent beings.

November 20th Monday
Moon conjunct Sun 2:19 pm pst 5:19 pm est
Moon in Scorpio goes v/c 3:55 pm pst 6:55 pm est
Moon enters Sagittarius 5:16 pm pst 8:16 pm est
Venus square Uranus begins (see November 25)

Mood Watch: This morning at 7:24a pst (10:24a est) Moon square Saturn makes it difficult to handle matters of control or restriction, and there may be at tendency for us to take life too seriously. By 3:55p pst (6:55p est) Moon conjunct Jupiter brings hopeful, joyous and adventurous moods. At this point the dark Scorpio Moon also goes void-of-course for over an hour, encouraging theft, foul play, and dramatic chance taking. At 5:16p pst (8:16p est) the Moon enters Sagittarius, helping us to keep our sights open and our hopes high. There is light after dark!

New Moon in Scorpio (Moon conjunct Sun) At 2:19p pst (5:19p est) the Moon conjunct Sun in Scorpio marks the regenerative point of the New Moon – and the sign of Scorpio just happens to represent the phenomenon of regenerative force and transformation. The New Moon in Scorpio represents a rebirthing process for our emotional body, and this is the time when we are sure to address the proverbial skeletons in our emotional closet. New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to regenerate our hopes while transforming our fears into a courageous and renewed outlook for ourselves. This is the time to take bold steps towards defeating undesirable emotional patterns and fear mechanisms. New Scorpio Moon casts new light on our ability to overcome pain and suffering.

November 21st Tuesday
Moon in Sagittarius
Sun conjunct Jupiter 3:16 pm pst 6:16 pm est

Mood Watch: At 3:08a pst (6:08a est) Moon conjunct Venus brings beautiful dreams and loving feelings. Sagittarius Moon keeps our sights open to all the visionary possibilities unfolding at this stage of autumn. The majority of the planets are currently in the autumn signs Scorpio and Sagittarius, focusing our energies on the necessity to work under challenging conditions, and to overcome darkness with creativity and vision. The darkening days of autumn require resolute strength and warmth of spirit. The Sagittarius Moon newly waxes, bringing hope, an expanding outlook, and encouragement to move forward. At 1:46p pst (4:46p est) Moon square Uranus brings disruptive chaos to our moods. Overall, Sagittarius Moon shows us the way to move past disruption.

Sun conjunct Jupiter (occurring November 13 – 25) This occurrence of Sun conjunct Jupiter particularly affects Scorpio and Sagittarius people who are celebrating birthdays November 13 – 25. These fortunate folks are brought into a favorable position of their natal Sun to Jupiter. This represents a time of gifts and expansion for these people, and there will be good times ahead. Financial or career advancement as well as skill building, exploration, inheritance, and perhaps just plain happiness, become bonuses for these folks during this time and in the year to come. Be sure to count your blessings, birthday people. You may find that there are a great many more blessings for you this year than you might have expected.

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