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Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays a critical role in the health of the body. Among its duties is to assist in the removal of waste products from cellular breakdown.

In polymyositis, the muscle cells break down at an accelerated rate, causing an increased load on the lymphatic system. If extra morbid matter builds up in the intracellulat space, it seems logical to suspect the already inflamed immune system and overabundant infiltration of lymphocytes will only be increaseingly provoked. By keeping the lymphatic system clear one may be able to minimise the build of of toxins from the muscle breakdown, and reduce collateral damage.

The lymph system has connections also with the throat and tonsils. Much of the lymph and morbid material that is moved out of the body is emptied into the alimentary canal, a substantial portion is through the throat. As swollowing is also often an issue with PM patients, keeping the throat as clean and unburdened as possible may keep the swollowing problem from being compounded by excessive mucus or lymphatic discharges.

A variety of lymphatic drainage systems are available, both manual and mechanical. Although some are probably better than others, I am not sure that which one is used is as important as starting to get it moving by whatever means you find is effective.

A rebounder is very helpful for getting lymph moving, but may be too difficult for some patients, even if a grab bar is provided. Blowing up a balloon repeatedly gets the lymph moving in the upper body.

Some people have reported using a Light Beam Generator to help keep the lymph fluid, and combining it with manual drainage techniques.

Of course, increasing your liquid intake of clean water to the reccommended amount for your body weight is also very important.

Other lymphatic cleansing techniques can include diaphoretic herbs, steam saunas, and dry skin brushing. The sauna should be used only carefully, and not at severe heat, as polymyositis appears to be an inflammatory disease, and excessive heat may exasperate the condition. The dry skin brushing can be done regularly. Twice a day is good.